Should All High IQ Societies Merge Into One?

I already wrote in the March issue of Prudentia Journal that there are a lot of high IQ societies and that many share the same members. What I have not investigated is the question whether it would make sense to merge all high IQ societies into one.

First of all, we must be clear on the question what sense high IQ societies make.

1. They have websites with lists of members, so by joining a high IQ society you appear on the Internet and it is documented for everybody that you have a particular IQ.

2. They help likeminded people get to know each other.

For the second purpose it might be sufficient if there were just one big high IQ society. But for the first purpose, maybe the current situation is better because different high IQ societies have different minimum IQ criteria. Randy Myers and Iakovos Koukas have several high IQ societies with different entrance criteria and this makes sense only inasmuch as people want to be differentiated.

But this would not be a problem with having a single high IQ society either if the members list included the IQ scores. So I think that it would be a desirable goal to merge all high IQ societies into one. What do you think about this topic?

Claus Volko


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