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Optimal IQ: A Speculative Model

How we profit from IQ is frequently talked about in IQ societies. And the foregone conclusion: the higher the better . However, turns out there’s a cost associated with higher IQ, one put forth in a recent paper[1] indicating the good of high intelligence; more opportunities, higher self–awareness, etc and the more elusive bad or dark side to higher IQ; imbalances (mental and physical), debilitation, etc. In other words, there is a cost associated with IQ increase beyond some as yet, unknown value. Now, optimality, as we all know, is not necessarily being on top of the heap or at a maximum. Take an aspirin, it will get rid of a headache. Take a bottle of aspirin and you’ll be in the ER getting your stomach pumped. Even money— turns out you don’t want to make too much —has an optimal value being about $95,000.00 US dollars per year in the long run, that is, if one wants to be happy— optimally of course. Too, to determine optimality, as we all have learned, requires in the simplest sense

Prudentia Journal #12 Editorial

Welcome to the twelfth issue of Prudentia Journal! This issue features an article called "Optimal IQ – A Speculative Model", again written by Kenneth Myers. I hope you will like this article. Of course feedback is welcome. Right now Prudentia has 55 members. To enable our original goal of having face-to-face meetings we still need a lot more members. Of course it will nevertheless be difficult to arrange face-to-face meetings due to the current situation with Corona virus, but maybe we will have tremendous progress in this issue soon thanks to vaccines. Enjoy reading! Claus Volko, cdvolko (at) gmail (dot) com