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Intelligence and Academic Discourse

I have recently started re-reading the original paper on the Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe (CTMU) by Christopher Langan. This paper is from 2002 and it was widely ignored or rejected by the academic world, but most of the criticism was not because of faults in the author's argumentation but because the readers had problems understanding the paper. Many critics stated that Christopher Langan was using words and phrases they did not know. By contrast, I had no problems reading the paper. Perhaps this is due to my higher intelligence. That makes me think: For academic discourse, an above-average level of intelligence is necessary. Some topics can only be discussed by highly intelligent people. This has nothing to do with elitism, it is human nature. Now the question is whether highly intelligent people are actually interested in discussing academic subjects. Sometimes I have the impression that the people in high IQ world have no interests other than intelligence testing i


I have an inordinately high IQ (as you dear reader in fact do). At least that’s the case as tested; mostly nonverbally but as I’ve aged and matured too—verbally. I don’t have any kind of autism, Asperger’s, or anything of that nature, however, being not infrequently anxious and having anxiety for no good reason. And at times, I can appear, at least I believe , quite slow and dim witted to the world and like a tortoise, even internalizing this perception or often “feeling” that way. I think that stems from the fact that I’m often bewildered, amazed or even stunned at what another will do or to what level they will stoop ; me, taking time as it were to compensate my external actions and behaviors with what was immediately cognitively or “internally” registered and slowly acted upon. For instance, just the other day I was playing a game of chess with someone. She’s a competent player, playing always rather swiftly and quickly—always it seems to me in bullet or blitz mode—buzzing so to spe