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The Synthesis of Metaphysics and Jungian Personality Theory

A debate on Facebook dealing with the idea that one could continue living after his/her death if one uploaded the contents of one‘s brain onto a computer has stimulated me to thinking about the relationship between mind and matter. The conclusions I have come up with are far-reaching: they explain what probably is the true self of a person, why there probably is a life after death, and all of a sudden, Carl Gustav Jung‘s theory of psychological functions makes sense as I have managed to build a model of the human organism from which most of Jung‘s theory follows per logical deduction. The first time I read about the idea of uploading one‘s brain onto a computer was about 20 years ago. I immediately rejected the notion that a dead person would continue living if just the contents of his/her brain would be uploaded onto a computer. Even disregarding that a human being also has a body, I simply do not believe that I would consciously experience the thinking process of such an artificial b

Symbiont Conversion Theory

Abstract Symbiont Conversion Theory is a new scientific theory, summarizing and generalizing efforts that have been made by various researchers in the past years; it could even be perceived as a new scientific paradigm. This theory states that microorganisms and cells which are commonly considered to display parasitic behaviour can be "educated" and transformed into symbionts. This is not just a hypothesis but a theory since there is already evidence that proves that this is possible. The primary motivation for developing this theory is the failure of classical approaches to therapy of cancer and infectious diseases that follow the paradigm "destroy and kill". It is common knowledge about medical doctors that chemotherapy and radiation therapy have detrimental side effects on healthy, functional tissue, and also that antibiotics can harm benevolent cells. These negative side effects can possibly be avoided by the new approach of treating parasitic diseases by conver

Prudentia Journal #3 Editorial

Welcome to the third issue of Prudentia Journal! While I presented the scientific research which I conducted together with my late friend and mentor Dr. Uwe Rohr in the previous issue, this issue consists of two related articles which I wrote after Uwe's passing away. One of them is about a new scientific theory that might have great potential – I called it "Symbiont Conversion Theory". The other article is called "The Synthesis of Metaphysics and Jungian Personality Theory". I wrote both articles in the past year and I am really proud of both of them, as they contain new thoughts and ideas (proving that I am an original thinker). As written in the previous issue, Uwe was a researcher in phytoestrogens and steroid hormones. He investigated in particular why soy isoflavones such as daidzein and genistein have such a positive effect on the treatment of severe mental diseases, infectious diseases, cancer and wounds, and hypothesized that they acted by influencing t

Metaphysics for Monkeys

Metaphysics is, simply put, the study of reality. Two questions abound in this discipline. What is there? What is it like? Metaphysician s are people who study metaphysics. But, for our purposes, we’re going to refer to them as, monkeys . Why? For the simple reason that, in general, metaphysics is a cumbersome mix of gobbledygook, gibberish and gabble. In a nutshell, it’s humanity’s hot air. And I figured if we could get it down to monkey level (that is, what a monkey should would or could appreciate), we might just have an outside chance of learning something real about the world we live in. The first thing we need get out of the way is that silly verb, “To Be.” “To be, or not to be,” that’s not a question, it’s pure and simple tautology. In fact, can you imagine a monkey asking, that which is so obviously certainty? Please!? Many a smart person and nut has pondered this tautological certainty of existential delimitation only to exhaust themselves and figure out in the end (literally)