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On High IQ Societies

In the World Genius Directory currently 157 high IQ societies are listed, and that list is not exhaustive – there are several more than these. At the same time communication via Internet resources is highly developed, and many high IQ people are connected to each other via Facebook. In the following essay I want to investigate whether high IQ societies make sense nowadays. We all know the story of Mensa: two passengers in a train noticed that both of them enjoyed solving logical puzzles, and so they decided to found a club for people who enjoy solving logical puzzles. Now the question is why they made an IQ of 130 the requirement for joining this club. After all, enjoying logical puzzles does not necessarily require a particular IQ. So perhaps the basic idea of Mensa is wrong; instead of requiring a high IQ, they should select their members for whether they enjoy solving logical puzzles. Mensa might be based on a categorical mistake. However, that does not mean that the idea of high IQ

A Note on IQ

Briefly I don’t really like talking about IQ—really! But someone asked me recently what I thought with the question, “What do you think IQ is?”, so I answered them with the following. Hopefully, forgiving my ignorance on the subject, this note is at least anecdotally noteworthy and sardonically entertaining if not even completely and utterly untrue. The Note Take IQ to be a measure of intelligence and intelligence to mean after Piaget, “...what you use when you don’t know what to do: when neither innateness nor learning has prepared you for a particular situation.” In other words, intelligence is what you use when anything puzzles you, when you find something confusing, baffling, ambiguous, difficult, obscure or just downright incomprehensible and IQ is an operational measure of such an endowment or talent of handling that said bewilderment. For the standard IQ test, this represents a presentation to the tester of a series of questions generally administered under some acceptable ti

Prudentia Journal #11 Editorial

Welcome to the eleventh issue of Prudentia Journal! A month after the tenth issue, I present a new issue of the journal to you. This time with an article named "A Note on IQ", written by Kenneth Myers, and a piece I wrote, called "On High IQ Societies". I hope you will like these articles. Of course feedback is welcome. Enjoy reading! Claus Volko, cdvolko (at) gmail (dot) com