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A Paradigm Shift in Cancer Therapy

From "Destroy and Kill" to "Modify and Repair" In the treatment of cancer, the principle "DESTROY AND KILL" has so far been followed. The degenerated cancer cells were to be destroyed by means of a wooden hammer method. In this thesis we want to present a new treatment principle for cancer, which we want to call "MODIFY AND REPAIR". In pregnancy, hormones play a role whose application in a pilot study both increased the survival rate of cancer patients and helped to repair damaged organs and promote wound healing. The concentration of these hormones is increased in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. This protects the pregnant woman from potentially dangerous cells of the unborn child. These hormones are also used to stabilize the uterus and ensure a sufficient blood supply. Thus, a "natural cancer therapy" is carried out. Our proposal is that these hormones should also be used in the treatment of cancer patients. Introduction

Hormones, Stress and Immunity

First published in IQ Nexus Journal XIII, from December 2013 It is well-known that hormones are responsible for a large number of control processes inside the human organism. What might be less known, and very interesting, is that hormones can on the one hand cause stress and weaken the immune system and on the other hand fight stress and strengthen the immune system. A team of researchers based in Vienna, Austria, around Uwe Rohr, MD, PhD and Anca Gocan, MD is dealing with the related mechanisms. What's fascinating: The balancing of these hormones makes novel treatment strategies possible for severe mental diseases such as schizophrenia on the one hand and for severe physical diseases involving the immune system such as particular types of cancer on the other. As Professor Alfred S. Wolf (Ulm, Germany) explains, stress is a vital reaction cascade of the human body. However, if a person gets into burdensome situations again and again without time to relax in between, he or she will

Prudentia Journal #2 Editorial

Welcome to the second issue of Prudentia Journal! This issue is about the scientific research which I conducted together with my late friend and mentor Dr. Uwe Rohr. Uwe was also interested in the promotion of the highly gifted, as he in his life faced discrimination by his less talented peers himself. There will definitely be a follow-up on this. Probably the third issue of Prudentia Journal will contain a couple of more related articles. Basically, Uwe was a researcher in phytoestrogens and steroid hormones. He investigated in particular why soy isoflavones such as daidzein and genistein have such a positive effect on the treatment of severe mental diseases, infectious diseases, cancer and wounds, and hypothesized that they acted by influencing the steroid hormone cascade, converting stress hormones into immunity hormones. As I wrote on the website (I registered this domain to keep up the memory of Uwe's works), it is commonly accepted by medical scientis