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A Hard Time in Life

Why the highly gifted sometimes have a hard time in life: Many ordinary people cannot imagine that highly gifted people sometimes have a hard time in life. After all, thanks to their talents, they should have fewer problems than normal people, shouldn't they? In fact, life is often difficult for gifted people for three reasons: 1. Average minds usually do not like the highly gifted. 2. There are prejudices on both sides (both normal and gifted) about the other group, some of which apply and some of which do not. 3. In my experience, highly gifted people argue with each other and by no means support each other; they are not in a position to organise themselves as a lobby or to solve their problems together or help each other. (Although: Prudentia might make a difference.) Everyone should think about that if they have to deal with the highly gifted. Claus Volko, cdvolko (at) gmail (dot) com

News / Status Update

Prudentia has reached a total of 16 members, four of them living in Austria. Perhaps it will be possible to host face-to-face meetings in Austria soon if Prudentia keeps growing like this.