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Related Publications

I edit(ed) a couple of publications which you might be interested in, including: Hugi Magazine – Genycs – Mathematiq – Hugi Magazine issued from 1996 to 2014. Since 1998, it issued in English and focused on a computer arts community called "the demoscene". Hugi is pretty well-known all over the world and there is even a page at Wikipedia dedicated to it. Genycs is a new magazine dedicated to young computer scientists. Mathematiq was a newsletter with topics related to mathematics and theoretical computer science. It issued in German. Official Website of Prudentia High IQ Society:

Why I founded Prudentia

I was a member of another well-known high IQ society – you have most certainly heard its name – in the years 2002 to 2014. It was the first high IQ society I joined, and for a long time I had no interest in joining any other high IQ society. As a matter of fact, it was the onlyhigh IQ society I knew that regularly held real-life, face-to-face gatherings in Austria. These gatherings were the primary reason why I was interested in being a member of such a society: in order to meet people in person and learn how to handle them. Previously, I had almost no contacts to intellectual peers face to face, but as I had a couple of penpals who were apparently very intelligent it was obvious that there had to be some who could match my cognitive abilities. In the course of the years I learned more about the history of that high IQ society. It turned out it was founded by a psychologist in the 1960s, who had good intentions. He wanted to create a society both for highly educated people and for peop