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The Polymath

By Javier Arturo Munoz Justin As I was walking down Sixth Ave., making my way towards to the Rockefeller Center , when I saw a man whom I can only describe as ξένος βάτος . He was around six feet tall with skin dark as cinnamon. His hair was long and his beard was trimmed in a Islamic manner, he came up to me and said: ‘Good evening friend, where are you heading to?’ Caught off guard and not wanting a creepy stranger to know my daily routine, I said, ‘To the subway, I’m heading to Columbia . I have a class in two hours.’ ‘What is the class about?’ asked the Polymath. ‘It is,’ I said nervously, ‘a class about applied mathematics and quantum physics.’ ‘AHHHHHHH, are you a physicist?’ ‘No, I’m a mathematician.’ ‘Even better,’ said the Polymath as he started to grin widely. ‘I happen to be a mathematician and physicist myself, though I prefer mathematics. My name is Panagiotis Andreadakis, but I prefer the name Panagiotis Grapsia. What is the name to you? ‘Noel-Juan De Nemone,’ I responded