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"What Direction is the World Developing Into, and What Direction Should it be Developing Into"

In front of this title we really find two questions: what direction is the world developing? And what direction the world should be developing into? I’ll respond to both of them separately, and after I’ll try do so by integrating both in only one main question or same problem. By wondering about “what direction is the world developing”, in my opinion we have two implicit questions, that’s to say, first: does the world has a direction? And second: if the world has any direction, then to wish direction is it developing into? Let’s take a look to the first part of it. For being able to have “any direction”, whatever this intends to mean, in my opinion this requires to have a necessary condition, but not an enough condition. This necessary condition is indeed the capacity of “awareness”, in other words of being capable to understand that me, as a subject and self-being, is affected by circumstances that surround him. In other words, by something that has “the presence in here”, and a prese

Prudentia Journal #8 Editorial

Welcome to the eighth issue of Prudentia Journal! This time, a new member of our club has written an article about a topic which I suggested to him. Let me introduce to you: Dr. Christian Sorensen, from Belgium, a philosopher by training, member of Prudentia since April 2019. Welcome! He kindly accepted my invitation to write an article about the topic "What direction is the world developing into, and what direction should it be developing into". You can read this article now, in this eighth issue of Prudentia Journal. Enjoy reading! Claus Volko, cdvolko (at) gmail (dot) com